Writing and Poetry

With many published books and articles, Tony has written fiction, non-fiction and poetry titles. Some of these are still available on Amazon and other booksellers.

You can read some of his writing work on this website by selecting the links below.

Published Books:
Non-Fiction Titles:

  • Colour Theory (Out of Print
  • Gender in Graphic Design (Out of Print)
  • Tea Terminology Guide (Link to Amazon)
  • Tea Tasting Journal (Link to Amazon)
  • The Bodisattva of Tea (Launching April 2019)
  • Simple Meditations in ChaDao
  • Songs of Sea and Sail (Launching December 2018)
  • Accessibility in information design (Out of Print)

Fiction Titles:

  • Weeping for Stardust (out of print)
  • Scouting Horrors, Book 1 (Link to Amazon)
  • Scouting Horrors Book 2
  • Scouting Horrors: Remembering (Link to Amazon)
  • The Pirates of GladTimes, a book for 3-6 year olds (Launching March 2019)

Poetry Titles:

  • The Bear that played the Banjo and other Tales of inequality (Link to Amazon)
  • Of Oceans, Ships and Souls
    (Launching December 2018)

Poems available online
Selected poetry available to read online from this website. Simply click the link below to view:

More to become available online soon! Pleased check back for updates.