Inclusion & Human Rights

A proud “Troublemaker for peace” Tony has been in the forefront of UK and International Rights movements for over 25 years.

He has worked across all areas of Inclusion and Diversity, such as Age, Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Feminism, Disability and Social Economic rights. 

Perhaps known most for his work in LGBT+ rights with UK LGBT History Month he has also worked with many organisations with overlapping rights, such as REGARD - Championing the rights of LGBT Disabled People and also Broken Rainbow - A support service for LGBT Victims of Domestic Abuse.

His past work in the areas of inclusion and human rights include:

Represneting the UK Design Industry at European Parliament for Inclusive and accessibility in design.

Working on combating cross-cultural mis-undertsanding with the United Nations.

Developing ways that Edlerly and Disabled People could be part of the UK Digital Switchover to Digitial TV for the BBC.

Being part of the Metreoplotian Police Safer Neighbourhoods steering group to reduce racism and anti-social behaviour in cities.

Establishing ways Refugees and Migrants can access human rights support and advice.

And more recently, working with the UK Scout Association to develop a refugee response pack to empower young people to understand how they can help solve the refugee crisis and learn from it for the future.

As an Inclsuion Consultant Tony currently works with selected clients on developing their training and strategies for improvement.

For an up to date copy of Tony’s CV of inclusion work and projects please contact us using the contact page.