Human Rights & Inclusion

A proud “Troublemaker for Peace” Tony has been in the forefront of UK and International Rights movements for over 25 years.

He has worked across all areas of Human Rights, Inclusion and Diversity, such as Age, Race, Sexual Orientation, Gender, Feminism, Disability and Social Economic rights. 

Perhaps known most for his work in Youth Rights and LGBT+ rights with the UK LGBT History Month and others, he has also worked with many rights organisations and often those with overlapping rights.

His past work in the areas of inclusion and human rights include:

  • Representing the UK at the European Parliament as a consultant for Inclusive Design and Accessibility.
  • Developing strategies for Safer Neighbourhoods policing.
  • Combating Racism and Discrimination in Armed Forces and Policing.
  • Develop strategies for national level changes in society to become more inclusive.
  • Campaign for better understanding of the issues of Domestic Abuse in all Communities.
  • Supporting the rights of refugees from all communities.
  • Develop information strategies for Disabled People’s organisations.
  • Work for the better understanding of the rights and dignity of Young People.

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