Russian Caravan Tea 100g

Russian Caravan Tea 100g

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Russian Caravan is a tea steeped in history!

As traders in horse or camel drawn caravans made their way across the ancient Silk Road to the west the tea would have been broken slightly from the motion and also tainted gently with wood smoke from their campfires.

Following the Silk road traditions, we've combined an Assam a Lapsang Souchong (to give that smokey hint of the camp fires) and a light, bright Ceylon tea.

 Tea Profile:

  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury Black Tea
  • ORIGIN:-India, China, Sri Lanka
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx between 27- 35mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Orange Pekoe, Orthodox
  • AROMA:-Slightly smokey
  • COLOUR:-Bright tending light
  • TASTE:-Flavoursome with wonderful smokey overtones
  • WELL BEING:-Different, Inspired, Relaxed, Rested