Genmachia (Popcorn) Tea 100g

Genmachia (Popcorn) Tea 100g

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A speciality Japanese green tea that's blended with fire toasted rice.

High grade Japan sencha leaves provide the fresh vegetative character of green tea whilst the toasted rice brings a slightly nutty-like flavour and natural sweetness. A unique and delicious tasting tea.

Tea Profile:

  • INGREDIENTS:-Luxury green tea, roasted rice
  • ORIGIN:-Japan, Kagoshima Province
  • CAFFEINE:-Approx 20mg per cup
  • LEAVES:-Steamed green tea - Sencha - made to Japanese Specifications
  • AROMA:-Fresh and vegetative with a hint of caramel
  • COLOUR:-Light brownish yellow liquor tending bright with toasted rice kernels
  • TASTE:-Naturally sweet, toasty flavour with vegetative green freshness.
  • WELL BEING:-Different, Daring, Cheerful, Detoxed, Energised
  • SERVING GUIDE:-Great Addition
  • FLAVOUR:-Nutty
  • FLAVOUR:-Vegetal
  • FLAVOUR:-Slightly Sweet
  • FLAVOUR:-Light Bodied