Blue Tea Master Teapet

Blue Tea Master Teapet

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A clay blue robed Tea Master in the ChaDao Teapet with a matt coloured glaze which should darken to a deep pattern with tea staining over time to display shading and further features.

This Teapet is designed to sit on and slightly over the edge of area tray, coaster or similar shelf.

Zisha or Teapets are small ornaments, often in the style of animals, plants or mythical creatures which are made traditionally of yixing clay.

The tradition of Tea Pets started around 1500 years ago when the left over clay from the manufacturing of teapots was turned into small creatures as a way of the potters to celebrate their craft. Zisha have tea poured over them at ceremonies and over time become unique by being “trained” in tea staining. 

This tradition evolved to the modern times and is the direct inspiration for electronic games such as Tamagotchi and Pokemon.

Over time your Zisha / Teapet will change and evolve with tea staining to become a record of all the teas you have shared together.