A great day today at the LV21 lightship in Gravesend running art activities for adults and young people exploring what rights mean to them. It is as a part of the Midsummer’s Dream event to fly the flag on the ship for Human Rights, and a part of the #CitizenShip project.

The activity on the stage area was to produce a ‘Silent Protest’, a creative way to discuss complex world and local ideas and concerns resulting in the creation of a small placard, which joins the many others in a form of ‘protest’.

Finished protest for the day, however additional placards will be added tomorrow too.

The activity provided a great for people of all ages to discuss what makes them passionate about making a difference in the world, share ideas on how to make the world a better place and, importantly, it allowed people to realise they are not alone in their views and outlooks.

Some photos from today

For more information on the LV21 LightShip and the amazing arts work they develop visit: https://lv21.co.uk