This week I was invited to deliver a talk on Paradigms in Inclusion at the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. The audience consisted of some of the most respected people from business and Information Technology worlds.

I’m pleased to say the talk on Unconscious Bias, Inclusion and Privilege was well received and lead to some fascinating conversations on the history of Accessibility in computing with the guests afterwards. I used this talk to trial part of my United Nations approach to developing diplomacy and conversations through friendships. -The most sustainable way of conceivably achieving world peace.

It’s often surprising when you consider if we all made more friends, -or rather friendships, that the concept of world peace becomes a possibility. While you may have disagreements, it is much harder to discriminate or go to war with a friend.

As these new leaders of our Digital Age shape both society, and who has the privilege to access this new age, it is encouraging how receptive and engaged with inclusion decision makers are.