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In many years of providing talks on Human Rights, Inclusion and I find I am frequently asked the same questions…

What’s the right word for…”, “How do I say…”, “Am I racist if I use this term…”.

All these questions are based in two principles, first how to communicate effectively, and secondly a genuine commitment to being kind to one another.

I’ve produced, reviewed and updated many handouts over the years, many of which I find are still just as useful now as they were twenty years ago. Others, updates to language and terminology are needed.

Language evolves, society moves forwards in complexity and in recognition of communities and human rights. This is the future being written by our past being challenged and scrutinised in the present.

I’ve developed this handbook not as a one stop source book, but as a spring board. One which I hope gives the user, -not the reader-, a quick reference point to assist with terms, language or interfaith and cultural dialogue.

This book has been produced in collaboration with many people from many different areas of the community. It has been a privilege to have worked with them all in developing it.

Perhaps unlike most reference books it is something which will also evolve. With the option for users of this guide to submit and suggest items for the next edition.

I hope you find this useful and that it aids in enhanced communications across all forms of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.