Following on for the previous post about my new creative partner, the Leica Sofort, here is the first experimental images taken using Fujifilm Instax Film; Colour with black framing and Monotone B&W.

The first photo… The wheelhouse of MFV Smiling Morn.
The wreck of the Thames Sailing Barge & Dunkirk Littleship, Ena.
A London Tug, Using the Monotone film
An ad-hoc photo of Teacup the dog.
GladTimes using the Monotone film at night with flash
Banjo, the ships cat posing unexpectedly for a photo.. crazy whiskers and all.

All images have then been photographed to add to this site and instagram using my iPhoneX.

I’m realising how important it is to set the exposure settings (Brights-normal-dark) on the Leica Sofort, and the affects the can be achieved. Also the photo of Teacup above, notice that the wrong focus range was selected… she was just under 3m away. I had it set to over 3m. All of these photos were on a dark and cold day with little sun, so I’m not thinking of colour use too much yet. -Although from what I understand on the internet I would prefer Leica film for colour and Fujifilm for Black and White.

Fields near Hoo, Montone again.