Buddhists in Nigeria Exercising Meditation

This is a simple breathing meditation. The aim is simply that you focus on your breathing. This will calm your mind and relax your body, but most importantly is it gives you a chance to consciously interact with the operating of your body.

Often there is surprisingly little conscious interaction between mind and body. You do not need to think actively to breath or pump your heart, to blink, to digest foods or water…. by focusing on your breathing for a short while you can slowly begin to learn to better operate the body and to exercise a conscious control when needed.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Whatever you experience during this breathing meditation is right for you. Don’t try to clear your mind, don’t try to make anything happen, just observe. If your mind wanders, again, just observe, don’t fight it, bring it back to your breathing and regain focus on the moving pattern of your lungs.

Begin by finding a comfortable position, but one in which you will not fall asleep. 

Sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and your spine as comfortably straight as possible is a good position to try.

Close your eyes or focus on one object in the room. Such as a flower, statue or Buddha rupa.

Roll your shoulders slowly forward and then slowly back.

Lean your head from side to side, lowering your left ear toward your left shoulder, and then your right ear toward your right shoulder. Relax your body.

Your body will continue to relax as you meditate. I often find stretching my fingers before meditation essential too.

Observe your breathing. Notice how your breath flows in and out. Make no effort to change your breathing in any way, simply notice how your body breathes. Your body knows how much air it needs.

After you have tried this for a while and feel it is right, move on to searching in your mind for points of compassion, with each breath inhale any negative influences around you, and negative karma or suffering in your mind, introduce this to compassion.  Any form of compassion, exhale knowing you have brought this negativity into your mind and released it as something positive, something wonderful for all.