Karma isn’t a complicated subject, but it is often mis -understood.

Karma is the vehicle that is moved onwards by our actions, thoughts and words. -our existence.

There isn’t good karma or bad Karma, rather there is Karma. -That which is the result of our interactions with the universe around us.

The result of this karma can bring well being and good fortune or positivity to ourselves or others or it can negatively harm oneself and those around us.

The aim of following The Path of the Dharma is to remove oneself from the cyclic existence moved by karma. This involves exercising compassion to bring an end to the suffering of all sentient beings and to help achieve enlightenment.

By becoming enlightened we can navigate the Samara and escape the cycles of suffering, life, death, rebirth. Achieving a state that is ever present and omnipresent. What is known as a Buddha.

Karma as a concept allows our minds to keep our actions, words and deeds in check to ensure we follow the 8 fold path.